Blended Learning Specialists

Karl Richter

Karl Richter, Owner & Creative Director

At eLearning Blends, we build custom eLearning courses, support resources, training simulations, and classroom experiences. You provide the content and we’ll build solutions that help you reach your goals.

We help you make content memorable and we like to have fun.  In that spirit, here are the 4 main services we provide for our clients.

  • Get it Off Your Plate: We design and develop an eLearning module for you.
  • Buddy Build: We work together to build a module.
  • Get the Ball Rolling: We help you design interactions and templates at the start of a project. You save on cost by building the module in house.
  • Workshops: We facilitate train the trainer sessions on eLearning Development tools like Articulate Storyline or adult learning theories and cognitive processing modules.

Why Blend?

eLearning can be a wonderful solution, but it’s not perfect. Blended Learning combines the strengths of online technologies with the advantages of face to face interaction. Learning can take place alone or in groups or through formal and informal interactions. Training doesn’t have to be a course, in fact, we try and avoid those if we can. It can be access to the right information right when you need it. We start most projects trying to encourage clients to use a job aid instead of a course.

Visit Owner & Creative Director, Karl Richter’s LInkedIn page to see his post, Why I’m married to a Blended Learning solution  to find out how blended learning can impact employee engagement.aaeaaqaaaaaaaasvaaaajdjkmjzimzewltyxmtmtndqzzi1hmjhkltdhmgewnze3yjlkna

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